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My house is falling apart!

Some of you will remember back in august, my self and David did a show on how a house ages and falls apart over the years. We asked several of our listeners to get in touch to share stories of problematic issues with their homes, and any funny stories associated with that.

Jim, 56, Ohio – It became apparent that something was up when I got up early morning to go to work. The house was definitely colder than what we’re used to, and this is with the heating on! Little did I know, mainly because I don’t pay attention to the news, a storm had come in overnight, and taken part of my kitchen roof clean off. We had been meaning to renovate the whole kitchen with so cupboards, cabinets, lighting and give it a modern decor feeling.

However, as the months and years rolled by, we put it off and currently found ourselves 6 years down the line with no building work done. This has kind of forced our hand, and probably means we will need to finally put our plans into action a get a brand new kitchen installed. Funny how things work out.

Sally, 42, Boston – This is more of a horror story than anything. As a landlord, we rented out our two bedroom apartment to a couple who seemed nice enough. Both had jobs, and we left the apartment in their capable hands, or at least we thought so.

Ten months down the line and a lot of hassle later, we have finally got them out of there, but to my dismay, they have trashed the living area and kitchen. The place was a mess, and as it was my first time doing that thing, it kind of put me off renting out anymore, as I have lost faith in peoples good nature. We did get compensation, and the house is looking even better nowadays with a great looking fireplace, a beautiful counter in the kitchen with great under cabinet lighting and some great art touches hanging on the wall.

Got any stories of your own to share with us? Get in touch!