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The back yard and pole saw woes

When we’re not looking at improving the inside of the house, we’re always looking for way to work on the beauty of the back yard. We din’t get a lot of rain in the summer months which caused the grass to be a little dull. We have put some extra seeds down for that to give it a more natural color.

But perhaps the more worrying sight in the yard is the overhangs. I have always had issues with bushes on the right hand side that lean up against the fences, they have some dangerous overhangs that need trimming and pruning. I did have a pole saw in the past but somehow that broke and I’ve been resorting to do these tasks by hand which is extremely time consuming. I have been looking for a new gas powered one or perhaps maybe and electric model, but that’s undecided, and I will probably be looking at some of the top rated pole saws as a durable replacement before I continue trimming said bushes.

Then there is the overhangs on a tree which is getting closer and closer to my windows by the month, which is not only dangerous, but it’s blocking all the sunlight which can be frustrating. We’re not sure if a pole saw would be effective for the tree limbs, and are currently looking for something a bit more powerful, although not quite sure. We do invite our readers to offer some suggestions though, perhaps a chainsaw will do the job, but they are generally more expensive by nature.

Then the final task that needs handling is the flower beds. They are a bit run down and unkempt at the minute, and could do with sprucing up and adding new plants in for extra colors and making the garden area feel more inviting.

In the coming weeks we will be doing a show related to your yard decorations and how you keep things neat and tidy in all four seasons. Hopefully we can get some information from our listeners that will inspire some new ideas with regards to decking,small ponds or waterfalls to bring the whole design out of the stone age, but we will see.