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This is my blog related to my radio show, offering plenty of transcripts from the past and present airings. Myself and my colleague, David Wood, have run this show since the late 90’s, and have had plenty of funny stories about home life and our working days in construction and home improvement. We also do our best to provide DIY tips to our listeners. If you have any special request for what to include in our next broadcast, please get in touch with us.

Best bits – Bad days segment
January 6th 1996 – It was a cold winter morning in Boston, however, something that morning forced me out of my home to get the groceries. I was in no mood to leave the warmth of the house, after several catastrophic events that occurred in the household that morning. Including the kitchen sink faucets falling apart, a chair breaking underneath me, and standing on a stapler that had conveniently fallen directly in front of the fridge. But naturally, I needed to go if I wanted to eat.

The day went from bad to worse, when I realized I had gone out with yesterdays shirt on, which had stains from baked beans down the front of it. I was too far away from home by then to turn back, so did my best to cover that up with my scarf.

Most of the shopping trip went by without a hitch. I purchased a fan blower for my top rated wood stove, as well as the weekly food shopping, and some bathroom tiles. I always come back with more than I intended on a shopping trip. So after picking up the last of the items, I decided to head home.

As luck would have it, I got a flat tire. It was then it dawned on me I had put the spare in another vehicle on my property for safekeeping. So there I am sitting in the freezing cold waiting for the breakdown to pick me up.

A truly dreadful day rounded off by picking up a burn when testing the new fireplace components. One I’m hoping to forget too!

Had a worse day than David? Get in touch leaving your number. We want to hear from you. The next segment looks at my DIY adventure, that ended badly. Things could certainly of been better had I followed some tips from This old house.

Best bits – Home improvement failures

I was tasked with fitting several bathroom fixtures, along with assembling a wood burning stove in the living room. It all started out pretty smoothly, which is a first in itself, as it doesn’t normally take me long to mess something up when building or fitting something. I managed to finish a walk in shower, along with dual shower heads, and a fancy new dual flush toilet with a bidet.

The wife was pleased with the work carried out until I accidentally set a piece of her clothing on fire when adding the finishing touches to the fireplace. Turns out it was a expensive top too. But hey, look at the bright side, i’m banned from carrying out anymore work on the house myself.

Have any home improvement fails you would like to share with our listeners? Get in touch.